Robert de Sade

          A native of New York City, Robert de Sade has been a composer, musician, journalist, disgruntled postal worker, as well as having been employed in a bank, insurance company, a municipal and a federal agency. These tasks only strengthened his commitment to the fantastic realism found in the opera house, and the precedents set by his models: Apollinaire, Bioy Casares, Charley Christian, Dante, Fantomas, Geronimo, Magrite, Moondog, Paganini, Poe, Robbe-Grillet, Rommel, Segovia, and the immortal Ludwig van.

          In his musician days, de Sade performed and guested with a variety of rock and blues bands, among them The Overnights, Nico's Toys, Barrelhouse, Tommy Tucker, Homesick James, and Lousiana Red (who has had one of de Sade's guitars "borrowed" for over twenty years).

Several of Mr. de Sade's compositions have been recorded by bands such as Cobol Fiction, Machine Kunst, Nico's Toys, and most recently Bughouse. Billboard (March 9. 1996) said that Nico's Toys's Blue to Black (Terra Firma) was "designed to waft over the glut of power-chord-driven noise like a cool breeze," and claimed that the song was "essential for any rock or triple-A radio programmer with a penchant for uncovering fresh new talent." Mr. de Sade's string arrangements for Colors, by the talented New York quartet Cardinal Woolsey, no doubt assisted the Billboard review that said this song was "potent...reflect[ing] more complicated emotions" (August 31, 1996).

          At present, Mr. de Sade is comsumed with Locomotiv Sophia, and roots for his godson, Scott Buszko, who will certainly be a professional athlete in the near future. Accused of having only drinking acquaintances instead of friends, it can not be negated that many characters find de Sade entertaining and/or agreeable. Eclectic and iconoclastic, Mr. de Sade cannot recall, however, the last time he was invited to dinner.

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