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Born: Kwilcz, Poland, 21 October 1923.

Borowczyk studied fine art and worked in lithography and poster design before turning to animation. His first films, made with Jan Lenica, revealed a bizarre and dark vision with a satirical edge influenced by surrealism. The success of Dom / House (1958) launched his European career and in 1959 Borowczyk moved to France. Here his macabre wit came to the fore in films like Renaissance (1963). Switching to live action, Borowczyk made impressively original features, especially Goto, l'le d'amour / Goto, Isle of Love (1969) and Blanche (1961). Films such as Contes immoraux / Immoral Tales (1974) and La Bte / The Beast (1975) established Borowczyk as something of an "eroticist," but subsequent features moved to sexploitation, using material largely unworthy of his talents.

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