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Born: Venlo, Holland, 16 April 1940.

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The son of a film producer, he spent his early childhood as a WWII evacuee. After art school training in still photography, he went to Australia in 1963 as part of a student exchange program by Melbourne University. He returned home after a year but was back in Australia as an immigrant by 1965. He opened a photography studio in Melbourne and immediately became established as one of the country's most widely exhibited and frequently published photographers. At the same time, starting with Matuta (1965), he began making highly personal short fiction and documentary films, typically dealing with his favorite subjects, loneliness and alienation, often in metaphysical terms. Graduating to features in the mid-70s, Cox quickly established a reputation as an honest, if eccentric, director who stamps his films with a true personal mark and humanistic passion. His Lonely Hearts was named best film at the 1982 Australian Film Awards and Outstanding Film of the Year at the London Film Festival. Man of Flowers won the Jury Prize at the 1983 Chicago Film Festival. Based on his own painful experience, My First Wife (1984), depicting the breakdown of a man deserted by his spouse, won the awards for best director and best screenplay at the Australian Film Awards.

Ephraim Katz, The Film Encylopedia

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