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Born: Cairo, Egypt, 1960.

Atom Egoyan (JPG, 19 KB)

This stylish and highly assured young filmmaker's work combines self-reflexive meditations on the nature of film and video with a black, ironic sense of humor. Director Wim Wenders was so impressed with Egoyan's third feature, Family Viewing (1987), an irreverent study of familial breakdown, cultural alienation, sexual frustration and the disposability of the past all linked together by an omnipresence of video technology, that, when awarded the Prix Alcan for Wings of Desire at the 1987 Montreal New Cinema Festival, Wenders publicly turned the prize over to the younger filmmaker. Egoyan has subsequently continued making his own idiosyncratic, often satirical brand of brightly hued and darkly themed meditations on sexuality, politics and the media with Speaking Parts (1989), The Adjuster (1991), Gross Misconduct (1992), Calendar (1993) and Exotica (1994).


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