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Born: Lódz, Poland, 5 May 1938.

Jerzy Skolimowski (JPG, 16 KB)

A poet, actor, athlete and ex-boxer, Skolimowski co-scripted Andrzej Wajda's Niewinni Czarodzieje / Innocent Sorcerers (1960) and Roman Polanski's Noz w Wodzie / Knife in the Water (1962). His first feature, Rysopis / Identification Marks: None (1965) was made while studying at Lodz and revealed an ironic and cynical attitude to the political optimism of the times. A distinctive film talent, Skolimowski has garnered international awards for his subsequent films. His 1967 anti-Stalinist allegory, Rece do Gory / Hands Up, was banned (and not shown until 1985) and Skolimowski settled in Britain. His imaginative and original exploration of sexual awakening in Deep End (1970, UK) quickly established his international reputation. However, his subsequent career has fared better when he has dealt with a Polish theme: both in Moonlighting (1982, UK), his response to the imposition of martial law, and in Success is the Best Revenge (1984, UK), he deftly intertwines his experience as a Polish artist with astute insights into the eccentricities of the British. Skolimowski returned to Poland to film Ferdydurke / 30 Door Key (1991), an adaptation of a novel by Gombrowicz, one of Poland's most distinguished modern writers.

— Ania Witkowska, Encyclopedia of European Cinema

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