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Born: Pécs, Hungary, 1955.

Béla Tarr (JPG, 12 KB)

Tarr was only 22 when he made one of the most successful of the documentary-fiction films with his Családi tuzfészek / Family Nest (1979). Since then he has made four feature films, moving steadily away from his generic starting point. His third film, Panelkapcsolat / Prefabricated People (1982), used professional actors whose style, as in many examples of Italian neo-realism, was intended to look non-professional, although the storyboard still followed the conventions of the documentary-fiction genre. In his next film he adopted a highly stylized setting and improvised dialogue (though by professional actors). In Kárhozat / Damnation (1988) Tarr used black-and-white film stock and highly literary dialogue to achieve a mode of sophisticated abstraction. His most recent film (in production in 1993) is based on the novel Sátántangó (Satan-Tango) by László Krasznahorkai and reputedly runs for more than six hours.

— András Bálint Kovács, Encyclopedia of European Cinema

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