Lisa Baker


HER SWINGIN' CREDENTIALS: This green-eyed Texas beauty was in Playboy several times during the '60s, first as Playmate of the Month in November '66, then as the Playmate of the Year in '67.




BIRTH: Lisa was born in 45, making her 21 when she was Miss November in '66. Her exotic birthplace: Detroit, Texas.


IMPACT ON THE '60s: Lisa was one of the most popular of the Playmates of the Year, making lots of appearances for the magazine, including one at Harvard Business School. For years afterwards she continued making Playboy appearances, more recently at conventions and autograph shows. As you'd expect, she's gotten thousands of fan letters from all around the world, including hundreds in the '60s from soldiers in Vietnam.


CAREER IN THE '60s: A small-town girl, Lisa grew up in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, where the population at the time was 3,000. That's where she was living when she was "discovered." A photographer spotted her when she was a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding in L.A., and soon she was in Playboy. Her national prominence was short-lived: After being named Miss November in '66, her reign as Playmate of the Year lasted halfway into '68. For being Playmate of the Year Playboy awarded her gifts and merchandise totaling $12,000, plus a cash prize. In the '60s Lisa listed these artists as her favorite entertainers --- Andy Williams, Count Basie, Paul Newman, Yul Brynner, and Joey Bishop. Ian Fleming and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. were her favorite writers, and steak and pizza were her favorite foods. She also said her hobbies were swimming, horseback riding, and car racing (this info was compiled from comments she made to the official Playboy publicist, at the time there was no "Playmate Data Sheet" that listed turn-ons, turn-offs, etc., that data sheet didn't start appearing on the back of the centerfolds until the early '70s). That reference to car racing supports the reputation she had as a real leadfoot, and as Playboy expert Lester Isa pointed out to us, in her original centerfold layout there was a photo of her getting a ticket from a cop. From her Playboy exposure she landed some minor TV appearances in that time, but really she was trying to focus on a modeling career that never really took off. Over the years she's continued to turn up in Playboy pages, here's the complete list of her magazine and book appearances, with the month of publication in parentheses:

Playboy magazines:
* "Playmate Review 1966" (published '67)
* "Playmate Play-Off" (April '67)
* Cover girl (August '67)
* "Premiere Playmates Revisited" (June '71)
* "20 Years of Playmate Pictorials" (Jan. '74)
* "Past Playmate of the Year Pictorial" (June '79)
* "Playmate Reunion Pictorial" (April '80)

Playboy Newsstand Specials:
Holiday Album (first ed. Jan. '70)
* Holiday Album (second ed. Jan. '71)
* Best from Playboy #9 (May '82)
* Playboy's Playmates: The First 15 Years (Jan. '83)
* Best from Playboy #10 (Jan. '83)
* Book of Lingerie #1 (Jan. '84)
* Playmates of the Year (Nov. '86)

Other Playboy publications:
The Playmate Book in '66
* The 1968 Playboy Calendar
* Playmates Forever! in '79


CAREER OUTSIDE THE '60s: Lisa appeared in one movie, The Winds of Autumn, in '76, along with several other Playmates. Lisa and her best friend, petite DeDe Lind, who was Playmate of the Month in August '67, have been attending autograph shows together like Glamourcon for the last few years. After living in Texas through the '80s and '90s, in 2000 she moved to Florida to room with DeDe and drive the local boys wild. She's now settled into a nice life in the South as the hard-working, fun-loving girl next door (who just happens to be a former Playmate of the Year).


TALENT: Her sweet, soft and innocent personality really comes across in person, which unfortunately meant she didn't have the huge ego, cutthroat attitude, and powerful drive that are often necessary to make it in Hollywood. Her onscreen appearances in the '60s were confined to some variety shows on TV, including "The Jonathan Winters Show," and appearances as the Budweiser Girl on "The Tonight Show" -- looking all sexy and beautiful, she'd chat with Johnny for a second, then they'd cut to a Bud commercial.


HER '60s LOOK: Not much question here that she was a 10. Her sweet face, with lovely green eyes and a tiny chip on her front tooth, was framed by auburn hair before she became famous. Later she had that front tooth fixed, her hair got lighter, and she got even more glamorous, if that's possible. As for her figure, she was only chosen in '67 as the sexiest young woman for the entire year by the leading men's magazine on the planet. Her measurements were given in the magazine as 35-23-35, standing 5' 8" and weighing 132 pounds. In fact, in the year that she was Miss November, she was the tallest and heaviest of all the other eleven Playmates. What's great about Lisa is that in all the '60s photos she sent to us for the Swingin' Chicks of the '60s wall calendar, she's not shown in any ridiculous outfits. No matter what she's wearing -- a nice bikini, casual clothes, a dress -- she always looks comfortable and assured, like the clothes are really hers.


LIFESTYLE: We're going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the Playmate of the Year had a pretty full social calendar in the late '60s. Unfortunately, we've got no facts to back that up; however, she did mention to us that she'd gotten divorced after the '60s. To her credit, she's stayed true to her roots, and part of the reason she moved from California back to Texas was to be closer to her family. Also to her credit, she's also kept working in different jobs to support herself, something that not all beautiful women have done once they passed their peak years of celebrity.


EXTRAS: There were eight kids in her family ... the other Playmates of the Year from '60-'69 were, in order, twenty-year-old Ellen Stratton, twenty-year-old Linda Gamble, nineteen-year-old Christa Speck, twenty-year-old June Cochran, seventeen-year-old Donna Michelle, nineteen-year-old Jo Collins, 21-year-old Allison Parks in '66, 22-year-old Angela Dorian in '68, and twenty-year-old Connie Kreski ... Angela Dorian is also on our Swingin' Chicks of the '60s site (and she's in the book of the same name), but we've got her under her real name, Victoria Vetri ... one of the most famous Playmates of the decade was the first one, January '60 -- Stella Stevens ... according to the official '67 Playboy press release on her, when she found out she'd been named Playmate of the Year she said, "I'm really grateful for the vote, I heard that it was close, but I just couldn't imagine winning .... It's all just too much, and what could be more exciting than being Playmate of the Year?" Lisa has her own web site, but I must warn you, it appears to be a bit graphic...if you know what I mean. Lisa's Official Web Site.




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