The Bomb- an L7 page!

The band is....

Donita Sparks- vocals/guitar
Suzi Gardner- guitar/vocals
Dee Plakas- drums
Gail Greenwood-bass

Formerly in L7...
Jennifer Finch- bass/vocals (now in OtherStarPeople)
Roy Koutsky-drums (Dee could kick his ass any day!)

What this crappy page has to offer...

  • Discography
  • Lyrics
  • Guitar Tab
  • Tour Dates UPDATED 4/19/98
  • Live photos!
  • Autographs from all of L7! NEW!
  • Old skool L7 pics New!
  • My L7 Concert "Diary"- NOW WITH PICS!
  • Listen to "Wargasm" (now working!) (20 sec)
  • I'm looking for some L7 bootlegs. If you have any bootlegs to "trade", click here to see my list.
  • Sign and View the guestbook (please?)

    If anybody has any L7 GUITAR OR BASS TABS, please send them to me here.

    Also, I'm starting a concert review page (like the "My L7 Concert Diary" page above.) If you've seen L7 live, please send me a review of the show, including as much info as you can (ie. date, venue, your experience at the show, setlist, etc.) Send all reviews here

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  • Hell7
  • Moonunit's L7 page
  • Shoofly's L7 Page
  • Jett's L7 Page
  • "Another L7 Page"
  • Lunachick's Home Page with tons of L7 stuff

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