Stanley Kokoska Postcard

The following postcard, which was donated by John Kokish the nephew of Stanley Kokoska, was origninally sent by Stanley to his mother Louis Kokish. The card was dated October 30th, 1942. Mr Kokoska was on board the USS Juneau which was sunk November 13, 1942. Mr. Kokoska gave his life when the ship was lost.

According to John Kokish, Kokoska was the "real" family name used at the time his grandfather came to the United States from Poland. John's father ,and another uncle, apparently decided to Americanize the name and began using Kokish. According to John, it would appear that Stanley was in the throes of deciding what he would do as he ended up using both names on the post card.

Its sobering to think that just two weeks after sending a postcard indicating that all was ok, Mr Kokoska lost his life. One can only imagine what torment his mother, father and the rest of the family must have gone through when receiving the news of his death.

Note that the back of the card has pre-printed responses for the sender to tailor his responses. Any additional information, personal notations etc, would be sufficient reason for the censors to destroy the card.

On the card, Mr Kokoska noted that 1) I am fine 2) I have received your letter dated August 23rd, 1942 3) Letter follows at first opportunity 4) I have receivced no letter from you lately.

The front of the card has a date stamp of October 31, 1942 and a "passed by censor" stamp.

The photos and story was supplied by John Kokish, to whom we are most greatful.