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My name is Donald J. Goossens. I am a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. I am currently assigned to the best unit I have ever worked for, Narcotics Group. I am assigned to the Field Enforcement Section investigating street level dealers. I love this job and highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to be a police officer. Before joining the LAPD I served 12 years of active duty with the US Navy, the last six were spent working with the finest warriors in the world THE US NAVY SEALS! While not a SEAL myself, I did work with and for them while assigned at Special Boat Unit 12. I loved the work so much that after getting out of the Navy and joining LAPD, I stayed in the Navy Reserves. I still work for the SEALS, but now I am assigned to Special Boat Squadron One which is in command of SBU 12. So I am doing exactly the same job as when I was active duty, but only part of both worlds for me. I get a break from the police business once a month by going down to NAB Coronado for Reserves and also get to reacquaint myself with Navy Special Warfare. I stay in the Special Boat community because I feel that supporting the SEALS is an important job. It is also a task that I relish and seem to do well. My hobbies are running, swimming, fishing, hiking, the beach and also racquetball. I also collect comic books and of course I play on the NET!!!

This is me just after completing the San Diego Half Marathon. I finished in 1:47:25 and almost died doing it. I love running and running these races allows me to run with people who share that "affliction"!!!! This was taken on August 25th 1996.

Goose, the tiger tamer!

Hi again! This is me with a vicious wild tiger. Well, maybe not too wild. I don't
know when the cat grew those arms out of its neck, but we are investigating.

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