The Geyperman Adventurer Outfits sets

This is a list of all the Adventure type outfits. As the Military Line, they came in three kind of display boxes. Outfit plus equipment, only outfit or only equipment. The Deep Sea Diver is the only one that came in a display box (bigger than the others) as a set.

REF 7200 MISION IMPOSIBLE (Mission Impossible)

This set contained a yellow jumpsuit, short laceup black boots, shoulder brown holster, revolver, signal pistol, spy briefcase with luger and attachable stock, binos, radio with headphones and mic, wire roll, TNT bars, map, and signal lamp.

REF 7201 AVENTURERO (Adventurer)

White turtleneck and blue with doble white stripes pants, short black boots, mess kit, fire set with all the accesories, spoon, cup, knife, binos, ax. canteen.

REF 7202 EXPLORADOR AFRICANO (African Explorer)

Sand color jacket, pants and belt. short boots ( quickly changed to brown tall laceup boots), cream color hat (salakof), hunting rifle, mess kit, shovel, binos, compass, ax, canteen, knife, cup and gas campfire

REF 7203 EXPLORADOR POLAR (Polar Explorer)

Similar set to US Fight for Survival outfit. The main difference is in the jacket flag. It has a GM flag instead of US (GiJoe) flag or UK (Palitoy version) flag. white boots, red skies, sticks, bloves, backpack, green goggles and sextant

REF 7204 HOMBRE RANA (Frogman)

Orange color frogman outfit (headpiece, jacket, pants), rubber made. Tha jacket is closed with zipper, face mask, oxygen tanks (two), swim fins, knife and scabbard, watch, hammer and three TNT bars.

REF 7205 EXPLORADOR SUBMARINO (Submarine Explorer)

Blue swim outfit blue rubber jacket and short pants. Swim fins, face mask and oxigen tank (one), knife and scabbard, spear gun, watch.

REF 7207 EXPLORADOR DE LA JUNGLA (Jungle Explorer)

Jungle hat (cloth made), green jacket and cream pants, orange scarf, brown tall laceup boots, belt with machete and scabbard, revolver and holster, hunting rifle, knife and scabbard, bread bag.

REF 7207 RESCATE DE MONTAŅA (Mountain Rescue)

orange helmet, orange jacket ( nylon or cloth made depending on when it was manufactured. Cloth version seems to be older), brown pants, also two versions: closed with snaps at the knees or just elastics. Snaps version is older. Brown stokings, green goggles, ladder, rubber boots with actual shoelaces, nails, ropes, boots nails, and five suction cups and piolet.

REF 7208 BUZO (Deep Sea Diver)

The Deep Sea Diver outfit is similar to US Joe version. Rubberized type white suit. Included the tubes, map, hammer, buoy, treasure ark with coins, knife and scabbard.

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