The Facts

Curious things, identification guide, etc., etc., etc...

*** A ***


The only GM animal was the western horse, available in two different colors: Brown, and black with white dots (Or was it white with black dots? :b). Some catalogues showed a black horse but never saw one. So no GM dogs, huskies, vultures, octopus, etc, :(

*** B ***


The first British soldier sets came with adjustable two buckles belt. It was later changed to a belt made of a material similar to the shoelaces with fixed length, not adjustable. Some other sets like the Tank Commander came with a belt made in a rubbery material but keeping the two metallic buckles.


GM boots were nearly identical to Palitoy AM books. In the bottom side they were marked as "I" (Izquierdo=left) and "D" (Derecho=right). Only the dress shoes from the WestPoint Cadet set were marked as "Hasbro HongKong".

Also the jackboots are a bit different, The geyperman version doesnīt have that molded side stitching lines that Hasbro's or Action Man's had. The shape of the boot remains the same tho.


*** C ***


The british soldier canteen was based on the Tommy Gunn soldier canteen. Rubber made canteen cover


*** G ***


Definitely the jacket of the German Officer didnīt have the breast Eagle badge.


Although some catalogues showed elastic slings, the fact is that all the GM rifles had plastic slings. They also didnīt have any kind of mark or identification on them

*** H ***


The Geyperman horse is more based in the Tommy Gunn horse (released by Zodiac Toys late 70s) than the Action Man version.

Action Man horse had only one articulated leg, The 4 knees of the Geyperman horse are jointed (plastic joints, Tommy Gunn version was metallic joints).



GM helmets and headgear didnīt have any kind of identification or mark inside them. The only one that was marked inside as "Hasbro Hong Kong" was the WestPoint Cadet Shako.

*** S ***


The Main difference with the AM version was that the GM version had all the three hatches movable. AM version had only two and the other one was molded.

*** V ***


In this section, we will try to list all the known variations in outfits or accessories.


Click on the title to see the pic. First figure on the right wears the first released Marine USA camo outfit, very similar to the vintage GiJoe Marine outfit, both the camo and cloth patterns. The figure in the center wears a second release, the jacket is a bit oversized, thinner cloth. The figure on the left wears one of the latest camo uniforms. Really thin cloth, bad quality pattern.

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