Boxed Figures

Small box figures

The cheapest figures came in these kind of boxes. REF 7000. They came dressed in a simple jumpsuit in 4 different colors: Olive Green, Emerald Green, Bright Blue and Light Tan. The only accessories that came with it, were the boots and the shoulder pistol holster (brown color) and of course the pistol. The figures came assorted in brunette or blond hair or brunette or blond bearded versions.

REF 7010 AVENTURERO (Adventurer)

"Usually" it was brunette bearded figure. Dressed with red turtleneck sweater, green pants, tall brown laceup boots, leather belt, pistol and holster, british SMG and two ammo stripes.

REF 7011 PILOTO HELICOPTERO (Helicopter Pilot)

Same version than Palitoy AM version, different helmet tho (more similar to Red Devil helmet), no visor, oxygen mask and signal pistol were the only accessories that came with this figure. There were also jumpsuits with orange or yellow stripes.

REF 7015 SOLDADO ONU (UN Soldier)

Only available with black figure. Came with blue UN helmet, plastic belt with two ammo pouches, boots, M-16 rifle, camo coveralls and UN red armband.

REF 7016 AVENTURERO (Adventurer)

Another set sold only with Black Figure. Yellow turtleneck sweater, blue pants, jackboots, leather type belt, machete and sheath and brown shoulder holster with pistol.

REF 7012 MOTORISTA (Biker)

Released in 1978, just as you can see, a biker figure. The only noticeable point could be the wide belt made in elastic material and closed with two pairs of metallic buckles. There were also versions closed with snaps.

Display Boxed Figures

These figures were sold in display boxes, quite similar to the display carded uniform sets. This is a list of the figures as they appear in one of the first catalogues. They were usually figures dressed with basic uniforms which could be completed with the matching accessories set.

In the Early Eighties, more figures were sold this way: Militar Police, Grenadier Guard, WestPoint Cadet, Indian and probably more... These ones were sets of Muscle body figures. There is not very much information about which GM figures were sold this way...

REF 7002 COMMANDO SECRETO (Secret Command)
REF 7003 DIABLOS ROJOS (Red Devils)
REF 7004 MISION IMPOSIBLE (Mission Impossible)
REF 7005 AVENTURERO (Adventurer)
REF 7006 EXPLORADOR AFRICANO (African Explorer)
REF 7007 EXPLORADOR POLAR (Polar Explorer)

This one is one of the few GM designed uniform set. It was never sold as uniform set, only as figure. It tries to be a representation of the usual Spanish Tank Corps during seventies. Dark blue coveralls, black beret. The set is completed with plastic belt, pistol and holster, red scarf, black boots and binos.

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