Here are some of the Geyperman rare figures or sets. Do enjoy them.


This figure is probably the latest GM figure released before stopping production. It is just a current GM muscle body painted in grey color. They added a strange logo on his chest, imitating the real Superman emblem and a cape and red boots.

Picture taken by Pedro Lozano from his private collection.

Best we name it as judogui, right?. Similar to the GiJoe AT Karate outfit set. The only difference is that you could only get this one sending to Geyper a number of GM points. It wasn´t sold in stores.

Picture taken by Pedro Lozano from his private collection


Pic by Mr Larry Hallack

ref 7017

One of the latest geyperman figures to be released before Geyper stopped production.

Value resides on this fact rather than the quality of the figure itself.

It came with a camo jumpsuit, green beret, plastic web belt, ammo pouches and sten gun


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