A Brief History

Geyperman was introduced in Spain in 1975, nearly 10 years after his elder brother GiJoe was brought to life in USA. Geyper, one of the biggest toy companies at that time got the license from Hasbro USA to produce Geypermans, but the fact is Geyperman figures and products were based on Palitoy AM items. Even the GM logo is too similar to AMīs logo.

In the main cities of Spain Palitoy AM stuff was available for a short period of time, before GM was introduced. Even when it was introduced, the AM origin of GM was clear. In the same way Palitoy packaged US Joe stuff as AM in its early times, Geyper did the same: A lot of AM stuff was packaged and sold as GM.

It was very succesful when they hit the stores. Gripping hands and life-like hair and beard catched the attention of the kids. Also their variety of uniforms was one of the keys for success as well.

But Geyperman had to share the success with another action figure : The Madelman (click here for more info), an entirely made and designed in Spain action figure. Nearly half the size of a Geyperman, the Madelman has become the hottest collectible figure in Spain.

After years of success Geyper stopped producing Geypermans in 1984, nearly at the same time Madel went bankrupt and also stopped manufacturing Madelman figures. The high developing and manufacturing costs and the fall of demand of this kind of action figures were the reasons... :(. Madel sold the name to Exin Bros who made a 3.75 figures line: Madelman 2050 that wasnīt any succesful. Some years later another company, MB, released the 3.75 GiJoe line, but that is another story....

After more than 10 years, Geyperman figures have become a higly collectible figure. And Geyper?. Geyper, the Toy Company, is still alive, but now is a much smaller company. Unfortunately they couldnīt assume the market changes and left the group of leader toy companies long ago.

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