Window Box outfits Sets

These kind of sets were released around 1978 at the same time more vehicles and FarWest series begun to be distributed. They came in smaller boxes as you can see in the picture above. The left part of the box is foldable and the outfit came in a ziplock vinyl bag. Left part shows a picture of the items you get, and the right part a picture of a figure with the correspondent uniform. Several military and adventure uniforms were released this way, but even now I canīt tell exactly which ones :(. There were even rumours that the Deep Sea Diver was released this way. The most remarkable point is that a lot of these kind of sets were missing some parts if compared with the display box versions. The british paratrooper was missing the compass, the german soldier the backpack :(, the british soldier was missing the gasmask and grenade bag, the russian soldier didnīt have ammo box, etc...

Here you have some pics of some of the uniforms sold this way.

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