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I started playing chess in 1960. I've taught several others to play too. I attended The Salina Area Vo Teck School in 1970, and started a chess club. I joined The Salina Chess Club, and played in several tournaments across Kansas. I was a member of the United States Chess Federation, and The Kansas Chess Association.

The club was made up of mostly high school and college students. When they left town, the club was too small to keep going, and it was disbanded.

I've played three dimension chess, and still don't understand it. I also played Quadular. This is four handed chess, with 14 pieces. The main difference is in this game their is a prince. If the prince becomes a crown prince, he has the power of a queen! If the king is captured, he becomes the new king, where ever he may be. He no longer has the power of a queen, but that of a king.

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