Scratch built large   scale RC armor
Like the M4 series of American tanks? Like the Russian tanks but see very few of them. Tired of seeing only German tank models?  Always wanted to build a model just a tad larger than those rinky-dink 1/35's? The 1/16's are really nice but  you want to see some serious models that can make some tracks in the dirt. Have you always wanted to scratch build one but not sure if you can or even how to start? Do you want to learn how to cast aluminum for your parts? Well, here is the one place willing to share those little tips and ideas for making your own scratch built tank!
1/8 Scale Sherman tank project
1/6 Scale T34-85
tank project
My ongoing Sherman project, many construction details on making the parts needed for a scratch built Sherman such as tracks and wheels. Many ideas on making your own parts using  resin casting, aluminum casting and simple tools in most workshops. Sherman project updates!
The Eastern Piedmont Armor Club (EastPAC) project effort on a 1/6 scale T34. Check out
the details on their website.
Most of my time in the past 3 years has been spent with the great guys involved on this project of 7 tanks. These tanks
are soon to be finished.
We are looking for any people living in NC or Southern Virginia who are interested in building large scale tank models.
Large scale models can be either remote control or static. Large scale is generally considered as 1/10 or larger. The materials used can range from plastic to steel to aluminum. I started with the desire to scratch build an 1/8-scale Sherman Easy 8 RC model. A person does not need to have expensive metal working equipment in order to scratch build a large scale vehicle, however its best to have at least a lathe to help turn out wheels that turn true. When I first started building large scale tanks I had no experience and no equipment to speak of, this did not stop me nor should it stop you. This website although  based primarily on the construction of the Sherman tank is also intended to help others who may be thinking about building a large scale RC tanks.
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