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The Dragon's Roar 

Rebel Without a Clue
Rice Paddies and Benjos (not Banjos)
City Inside a City
The Teen Club
Mt. Fuji........................
Ski Trip to Nikko...................................
Do I Hafta Have a Hobby?

Weird Things About Japan ..... Miss the shakes? QuakeSimulator! 
Engrish 101
Son of Engrish
Franken-Engrish's Monster
Revenge of the Engrish
Speaking Japanese Is My Own Private Idaho .. 

School Daze
You're Only Young Once .. But the Memories Last Forever
The Pool
A Request for More Sumo?  OK, Here Ya Go
Little America in Tokyo

Bad Boys, Bad Boys!  Whatcha Gonna Do.When They Come For You?  1
Bad Boys, Bad Boys!  Whatcha Gonna Do..? 2
Bad Boys, Bad Boys!  Whatcha Gonna Do..? 3
Bad Boys, Bad Boys!  Whatcha Gonna Do..? 4..
Bad Boys, Bad Boys! Whatcha Gonna Do ..?  5......

A Bad Motorcycle Makes You Just Like James Dean!
Bartenders, Booze & B-Girls   
Rikidozan, the Yakuza, Nicola's Pizza & The "Mafia Boss of Tokyo"
What We Did at Night in Tokyo
Tokyo Bar Matchboxes ........................
Tokyo Bar Matchboxes 2 ...
Tokyo Bar Matchboxes 3 ........
Throw Me The Money!
Absolutely Disgusting Gross-Out Page!.........

You Know You've Been in Japan Too Long When ..
You Know You've Been in Japan Too Long When .. 2 ......

Why is This Woman Laughing?..............
The Japanese Pizza Conspiracy!?................. 
Anyone for the Soba Shop?............
Hydrogen Beer is a Blast!.......

Postcards From a Travelin' Man .........Japan in the 1900s
Postcards From a Travelin' Man   2..

A Warrior's Christmas 

Dr. Florence Hay Anastasas 1903-2005 


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Senior Class Photos
Narimasu American High School
Tokyo, Japan - 1949-1971
The senior class photos, and some lower classes, from 1949 through 1971 can be seen on Walt Young's ('53) site by clicking here.

Brats Rock & Roll: The Teen Tops 
Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves  ...  show biz pals (those not in jail .. yet)  

Side trip: Jazzbo's column, "A Vanishing Breed," for Total Production Magazine for the sound, lighting & staging industries (but has absolutely nothing to do with Japan - oainikusama):  
Sam Phillips & Sun Records
Back To The Drugstore
Putting The Genie Back In The Bottle
Music May Save Chrysler
Chubby & Mr. Sam: Twistin' America
If Tony Soprano Ran The Music Industry
Putting Your House On The Line
Howard's Mouth
Dixie Died, Dude
Kicks/66/Sticks & Vegas
Beantown & The Loop: Rude ‘Tude To Music Dudes
Indie Promoters: Vanishing .. Oops! Not So Fast!

I'm Not Really Evil .. But If I Were ..
The Fabulous Fifties
The Soundtrack of My Life Was Always on the Radio

What Became of Washington Heights? 1
What Became of Wash Heights? 2...........
What Became of Wash Heights? 3
What Became of Wash Heights? 4   ....
What Became of Wash Heights? 5.

1965 - Grant Heights, Washington Heights, Fuchu, Green Park, Tachikawa & Kanto Mura

Grant Heights 1971-73 - Nearing the End  .....
What Became of Grant Heights?.
What Became of Grant Heights? 2

Tourist Traps & Love Hotels
Some Traditional Japanese Entertainment
Japanese TV Goes Psychotic .................
Lookin' For Love in New Cyber Spaces ..........
Japan Leads the World in Useful Inventions  ...............
Japan Leads the World in Useful Inventions  2
Strange Japanese Products & Stranger Advertising 

Welcome to Our 'Hood: Tokyo
Welcome to Our 'Hood: Shibuya
Welcome to Our 'Hood: Shinjuku
Welcome to Our 'Hood: Akihabara

The Indian Trail
Camp Drake 1998
Camp Drake 2005   

Military Housing Maps
Shibuya 2000
Ichi-ban Oki List of Japan Links

A New Tokyo Replaces the Old  1

A New Tokyo Replaces the Old  2
A New Tokyo Replaces the Old  3
A New Tokyo Replaces the Old  4

Epilogue - Deliverance .

Links to Other Military Brat Sites & Photo Credits

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