S. Norris & W.T. Clement Rifle Muskets

Samuel Norris & William T. Clement, of Springfield Mass., contracted with the State of Massachusetts to manufacture rifle muskets in 1863 & again in 1864. The muskets delivered on the first contract were of the model 1861 type. Those on the second contract were of the model 1863 type I. Lockplates were usually marked with an eagle over U.S. in front of the hammer and S.N. & W.T.C. over FOR over MASSACHUSETTS in three lines. The date was marked behind the hammer 1863 or 1864 . Those marked 1863 were usually of the model 1861 type & those marked 1864 were usually the model 1863 type I, which are more numerous. But dates and models can vary. In addition to the standard 1861 & 1863 models, there exist a number of short models bearing Norris & Clement markings. Those noted have 31 inch barrels & are 46-3/4 inches long over all. If these were produced on contract or were after war conversions is not known.

Date of Contract No. Contracted Price of Contract No. Delivered
1863 unknown unknown 2,000
1864 unknown unknown 11,000

S. Norris & W. T. Clement Lockplate Markings

Short Model S. Norris & W. T. Clement Musket