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Dogs of War

What is dogs of war?

Dogs of war is a computergame based on the famous boardgame "Axis & Allies" from MB. Anyone who likes this game MUST get the demo of dogs of war. You can even play the game over the internet ! Unfortunately the demo isn't available anymore due to the fact SEI didn't have the rights to make this game. It's a shame it was such a nice game...........If you already have a copy concern yourself lucky and PLAY !!! If you haven't got a copy, you might want to try click on the following links (last time I checked the game could still be downloaded from these sites) :

Dogs of War 2.2 (from this site)

If you liked the demo version (2 rounds only) you'll sure like the full version, all you need is a License number and a password ! Unfortunately I can't put the passwords and License numbers on this site, so here are some letters and numbers that have absolutely nothing to do with this game whatsoever, if some letters and numbers do work, it is just a coincidence ;-)




Here is a picture of the board

Dogs of War

Looking for some Dogs of War players on the Internet ?

Then I suggest you get ICQ now and use the UIN in the table to find Dogs of War players






4594324 Rothmans (I'm the creator of this page) Holland
1876824 Halloween USA
2728281 Frank N. Stein USA
10551849 mudshark USA
9967369 wardog USA
11363347 Chris USA
1560602 Figjam Australia
1924408 Oggie Norway
4830459 BC USA
5210208 indri USA
14691697 brennus USA
2570286 Canada
17709945 Pinky Italy
1192714 Itsnogood Australia
36546092 ??? N/A
35251149 charrito Mexico
7485822 AXCOMM N/A
16710389 Neman Canada
50550402 bismarck Australia
60950530 Dagwood USA
31425669 Rodrangra Brazil
58899704 Rafael Brazil
44971442 Jason Canada
162507914 Monkeegod USA
162739753 Cocoa Puff USA

Do you want to be added/removed from this list, then page me on ICQ !

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