AN/TSQ-96 Bomb Directing Central


The TSQ-96 Bomb Directing Central was an India band automatic tracking radar operating in the 8500 to 9600 MHz frequency range.  This system was a descendent of the MSQ-77 system. Like the 77, the 96 had an 8 foot diameter parabolic dish with a hyperbolic subreflector. The main difference was the 96 was capable of 180 degrees of elevation travel. The antenna could "plunge", or go beyond 90 degrees elevation. Also, the 96 used a monopulse receiver rather than the conical scan system used on the older radars. It was also capable of skin or beacon tracking. Using skin tracking the maximum range was 200,000 yards (200 Kyds), roughly 100 miles. In the beacon track mode, a beacon transponder on the aircraft was utilized. This doubled the maximum range to 400 Kyds, or 200 miles. The equipment cabinets were mounted in transportable shelters with the antenna on an 18 foot tower. There were 9 shelters, 3 for the equipment and the others for work benches, tool boxes, bench stock, etc.



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