Ranger Red Chief, named for Chuck Norris' TV Show, Walker- Texas Ranger, was born with hypoglycemia and was always weak and frail. He was given Nutri-Cal for appetite and weight gain...and while he is still small, he is TOUGH!!! Ranger will be five years old on September 20, 2001, is seemingly healthy and quite a fiesty little NINJA. Here are some of Ranger's pals!


Mokie is a true NINJA. I can't think of anything in your qualifications he doesn't do. He is about 10 pounds and barks like he is really big. He must think he's big too cause he likes to bark at the neighbor's Sheltie. Mokie was supposed to> be a Cockapoo but he looks a lot like Ranger. Come visit him!
He's a great friend to us and also protects us from all the elementary school kids walking to the school next door!

Missy helps the PomsMom in all her endeavors..whether chasing away unwanted kitty visitors who want to eat the birds or any other guard duty that is needed!


This story of a little kitty who beat
incredible odds and survives! A wonderful
little NINJA PAL!


Miss Carley has the big Mouth! Maxx climbs mountains! And baby Kozmo gives them both a run for their money!

Dear Ranger,
We would love to be your pal...we have yowls to wake
the dead..that is our perfected weapon (-;. Please come by
and visit us again..we love company!!

Bubba & Sissy

Spice is a big GSD, so she would like to protect
"Ranger". She lives in England and helps find homes
for other GSD's!

Rawr Ranger!
I AM a Feline Ninja Warrior!! It is my sacred duty to patrol and guard the house from all intruders! I can terrorize grown humans with my piercing yell and my arched back and fuzzed tail! I am a Master of my weapons, fang and claw! The dogs respect me and will obey my orders.

Tigger doesn't do woofs, arfs or meows he DOES have a wicked thump-he pounds his back feet on the floor when he senses danger-sometimes me leaving the room without giving him a treat is danger(?) He did protect us from a killer attack
spider. Come visit this NINJA BUNNY!!!


We think our Bloodhound Site should get a Ninja Award for the wonderful pictures, info & educational material about the horrors of puppy mills.

I have a 10 old Lhasa named Tiki, who is my constant companion and also my greatest protector. She is a wonderful sentinel to our abode and no one gains entry without being introduced. This was especially beneficial while my children were teenagers. There was no sneaking in late at night, with out being announced...much to their dismay. *S*

Hi, I am Hootie. I am a 3 1/2 year old female Lhasa
that with other responsibilities, protects my "mommy"
very well. I will bark and growl at anything that moves
wrong! But I promise not to bark at you if you come to

Hi there Ranger!
I guess I am a Ninja!! I am incredibly small for my age because no one knows where I came from. At three weeks of age I appeared under this house and this nice lady took me in after I scared her to death! I Roared at her!! I am now almost 11 months old and weigh in at about 2 1/2 pounds soaking wet. Soon I will get my own pages on this nice lady's web site. But I have the voice of the gods!! I can sit upstairs in my window and MEOW till I shake the rafters! I want to join CLAW, but I can't right now, but I would love to be a Ninja!
Bye!! ROAR!! Kingsford

NOTE: These next two pals do not have a web page yet.

Dear fellow martial art pets. I am ZOOGIE,EARL OF BUCKLEY. I am a twelve week old peking-pal with lots of bite. My human realizes that my royal service has brought me around the world. She calls me "Zooga Booga". In Africa I am known to have the powerful spirit of the lion. I move with deft precision through the grass, and I pounce on unsuspecting dandelions and eat them up. My human caught me one day. I guess the yellow pollen gave me away, but my breath sure smelled nice! Being of royal blood, I expect the best, and always get it. My human massages my paws, and my fluffy legs. She pampers me with organically appropriate treats. No pesticides or hormones for this kid. She kisses me a lot, (which I tolerate), I give her an appreciative sneeze and get her glasses all wet.

"MacKenzie Ard Righ Han Solo" or just "Solo" for short certainly fits the bill of a Peke with an attitude! We have a special "doggy park" near us, where dogs can run unleashed in large fenced areas. Solo may be the smallest dog there, but he always runs with the big guys. He will pick out the largest dog there and, with tail proudly held high, dart ahead of the pack as if to say "Catch me if you can!" The big dogs seem to love it and can't get enough of their furry little buddy. No pampered Peke pillows for him, thank you very much! He thinks he's a Rottweiler! Occasionally a big dog will get a little too close and Solo lets him know with a loud "WOWF!", which usually takes the big guy completely by surprise - "all THAT came out of that little pipsqueak?" He's completely charming and the gentlest of souls with small children. We just love our little "big guy."

Stacey MacKenzie
"Solo's Mom"

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