Dear Spindletop Friends and Supporters,



Saturday night there was a devastating electrical fire in one of the kennels that took the lives of 2 of our dogs and badly burned 3 more. 22 of the dogs living in this kennel are safe and sound. The cause of the fire has been pinpointed to the damage that was sustained from the many floods that we have dealt with over the last couple of years.


We are in IMMEDIATE need of your help!  This kennel building and the one next to it must be rewired to prevent another fire.  This will cost us roughly $700.00 for both buildings.  The kennel where the fire was sustained minimal structural damage, but we must have viable electricity to run the air conditioning to keep the dogs safe from the Texas heat.  25 dogs live in this one kennel building with another 25-30 in the other.   The funding for this rewire needs to come quickly, and itís just not in our bank account right now.


The 3 dogs that are burned ARE rescue dogs and will be given the same chance to recover as the many other dogs have been given that were injured, sick or abused when they came into our program.  This will take a lot of additional funding, but is something that we feel is required of us.  We have never turned our back on a dog that was sent to us needing medical attention and we wonít do it to the ones that we know and love, which have been trusted to our care.  Their medical bills will likely max out our credit account at our vets office, and at least one of the dogs will need surgery with in the next 24-48 hours.


Related to the fire, the washing machine that is used to clean the dogís blankets and kennel items is also damaged and must be replaced ASAP!  Some of the crates that are important to the rescue were also damaged in the fire and need to be replaced in order to keep the dogs safely separated in case of an evacuation from flood or another emergency.



SPINDLETOP NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW!  While efforts are being made to solve this problem with the flooding, this situation is dire and needs fixed IMMEDIATELY!


Please dig deep and help with what you can.  Spindletop is depending on its supporters right now to help us continue to provide the highest standard of care that so many have said they respect us for.  The dogs wonít suffer because of this, but the long-term viability of the rescue could.


Please contact us at or use to donate using paypal!  Gift cards from Home Depot for a washing machine, or from Wal-mart or Samís for new crates and food would also be wonderful ways to donate.


Thank you!


Leah, Jessica, April, Karen and everyone at Spindletop Refuge


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