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Faded Rose Basenjis began on January 12, 1994 when my first Basenji was born. She came to live with me at barely 6 weeks old. She was naughty from the very beginning. Her registered name is "Stargazer's Belle Star" (Ch. Kabar's Blade Runner X Sonbar's Celestial Stargazer), call name "Belle" or, as she is sometimes called, "Belle, The Basenji From Hell". She is pictured below with my Miniature Schnauzer, "Blazed Diamond In The Ruff", better known as "Blaze". As you can see, she has the devil in her eyes. If you looked up the word naughty in the dictionary, you'd see Belle's picture.

This is Belle at about 6 weeks, Blaze is about 7 years.

Belle at about 7 months, Blaze 7 years.
"Why did Mommy bring her home?"

Belle began her show career in August 1994. She finally finished her championship in May 1998.

This is Belle winning her first points under judge Norton Moore.

My second Basenji arrived in May of 1995. His registered name is "Akuaba's KISA Timekeeper" (Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC X Ch. Quita's Window Of Time), called "Dylan" after my favorite singer Bob Dylan. Dylan started his show career in August of 1995 and completed his American/Canadian championship by July of 1996. Dylan was a clown in the ring. He enjoyed chasing his tail. Dylan accomplished a lot in his brief show career. He was specialed on a very limited basis for half of 1996 and all of 1997. He was a Hound Group winning (Canada) and multiple Hound Group placing (United States and Canada). He also finished 1997 9th in the Top Ten breed wins with 24 Best of Breeds. Not bad for a dog less than 3 years old. (And my first "special".)

This is Dylan shown finishing his championship under judge Frank Sabella.

This is my favorite photo of Dylan.

Basenjis are very intelligent dogs. They like to outsmart their people. Being naughty and getting attention is fun for them but, as you can see, they also can put the halos on quickly.

This is Belle and Dylan relaxing on the couch.

1998 brought another addition to Faded Rose. Her registered name is "Akuaba's Electra" (Ch. Akuaba's Scorcher X Ch. Akuaba's Tropical Breeze), better known as "Lexy". Her main ambition in life is to wag the curl out of her tail. She started her show career in May 1998. In just a few short months, she has achieved several puppy match Hound Group 1's and 2's, as well as several Best Puppy In Match. She finished her Canadian championship on September 7, 1998. Her accomplishments in Canada were:

5 Best Puppy In Group
2 Best Puppy In Show
1 Regular Group 1
1 Regular Group 2
1 Regular Group 3
Only Runner-Up in the Puppy Classic in Dryden, Ontario

Baby Lexy.
"Look at that stack!"

This is a photo of Lexy winning Best Puppy In Show under
respected breeder-judge Cheryl Myers-Egerton.

Lexy completed her AKC championship on July 18, 1999, under Anne Rogers Clark.

Belle, Dylan, and Lexy

"Basenji's are like potato chips, you can't stop at just one."

The latest "chip" is Taboo. Her registered name is "White Wind's Faded Tigerose" (Ch. Akuaba In Corduroy X White Wind's Butterfly Kisses). Taboo is a delight to own and our first brindle and our first yodeler. She began her show career on June 27, 1999. On June 25, 2000, Taboo completed her Canadian championship, finishing with a Hound Group 2 and a Hound Group 4. 

Taboo self-stacking in the yard.

If I try hard enough maybe I can get this door open!

Faded Rose Basenjis
Kris Hagen
South Range, Wisconsin, USA

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