The Horse Blanket

When a horse has soreness in his back, his whole body is affected. A horse with a sore back will twist or turn abnormally, trying not to stress the sore muscles, and as a result of trying to compensate for the pain, will often cause injuries or strain to other parts of the body. Imagine if you had a sore knee, you wouldn't want to walk with full pressure and weight on it because it would hurt. So to compensate for the hurt leg, extra weight and pressure is carried on the sound leg. Pretty soon, the leg with no injury would  begin to show the stress of carrying the extra weight, and would also begin to hurt. This is  what happens to a horse with a sore back. It eventually will manifest it's self at various locations throughout the body.

A good Magnetic Horse Blanket is designed to target key stress points on the horse. With strips of magnetics running parallel to the spine are in a prime location to stimulate the 13 accupressure association points that are on the spine. These strips should be on both sides, so it will activate these points at all times, no matter which side is sore. There should also be strips of  magnetics in the  shoulder area to help eliminate soreness and stress and again, target even more meridians and flow lines to affect beneficial changes in the wellness of the horse and the  rear end for sciatica, hip and stifle problems that plague our equine athletes.

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