Magnetic Massage:

Magnetic Massage can be given with A small handheld magnetic massage unit. The one we prefer utilizes two small magnetic balls covered with massage nodules. This is one of the most versatile tools in the horse trade today. Massaging sore muscles, relieving pre and post performance stress,for hrse and rider and just to show your horse how much you care are just a few ways this tool can be used. This massage unit is invaluable and should be in every tack box.

The magnetic massage unit should only be used on large muscle masses. It should be spun over areas (no direct contact) where there is in-sufficient density of tissue, muscle or fat. The massage unit should be spun over bony areas such as the legs, the spine or face.
Typically, the massage begins on the neck, rubbing briskly, and targeting the large  group of muscles. Make sure to follow the same pattern on both sides and watch the horse relax right into you.
Horses will frequently lean towards you doing this type of massage, so don't be alarmed, it's just their way of telling you how good it feels.

Using a handheld magnetic massage unit on key accupressure points and meridians  is very similiar to the magnetic massage described above. The only difference is, you will be targeting flow lines and meridians rather than whole sections of muscles. Use the accupressure chart to pin point an area of discomfort. Locate the corresponding meridian and trace it's entire length with the magnetic massage unit. If the soreness seems to cross over more than one meridian, then massage the next meridian as well. Follow the meridian as accurately as possible to affect changes within the site of injury or soreness. Five to ten minutes, 2 or 3 times daily will help reduce recovery time.

Flexibility Demonstration:


To test the range of Flexability in your horse:
Standing in front of the horse. pull a carrot from your pocket and holding it just out of reach of his mouth, let him sniff it. Most often the horse, at this point will try to take it from you, showing his interest in the carrot.

Slowly, with the carrot just out of reach, walk towards the horses shoulder, and mark the distance from the shoulder where the horse ceased stretching for the carrot.

Then keeping one hand on the horse, begin to massage the large group of muscles in the horses neck , using medium pressure at a moderately fast pace. Continue this for 3 to 4 minutes and then switch sides, going to the other side of the neck. Again, do this
for 3 to 4 minutes

When finished, standing in front of the horse as before, walk the carrot towards the shoulder again. Most horses will be able to touch their lips to their side or low on the shoulder to retrieve the carrot.

Another test, is to draw the horse's head down and thru his front legs reaching towards the rear in pursuit of the carrot.


Please refer to the following guidelines when beginning use of magnetics. The horse, although large and formidible, has been proven to be very sensitive to magnetics. Initial use of magnetics should be monitored very closely in the first few days of use. Length of applications should be increased in 2 to 3 hour intervals until 20 to 24 hours daily use is achieved. This should take approximately 5 days.
If , at any time, the horse has an adverse reaction to the use of magnetics, the timetable should be reversed, going back to day one of the application.


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