Determining the nature of the injury

First do no harm!

The goal of most injury treatments is to accelerate the healing process by increasing the circulation of blood flow to the affected area. This is the recommended treatment for many equine injuries including: tendonitis, bowed tendons, bucked shins,muscular
sprains and other injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

Unlike many accepted equine therapy practices, like blistering or pin-firing, the relatively new concepts of magnetic and bio-ceramic applications offer a convenient, noninvasive and humane approach to equine injury treatments. For sprains, strains, and general soreness, the use of the magnetic pads on the affected area offers the greatest relief when applied and used properly.

The first questions to be asked are as follows:

1. Is the horse currently under the care of a veterinarian?
2. What is the nature of the injury?
3. When did the injury occur? Is it relatively new, or an old recurring problem?
4. What actions have been taken thus far in the treatment of this injury?
5. What, if any, have the results been up to this point?
6. What are the recommendations and or prognosis given by the veterinarian?

These questions are vital in determining what actions to suggest and in deciding which products to use.
Whenever possible, consult with your  veterinarian to determine whether the use of magnetics and/or bio-ceramic products is a viable alternative in caring for a particular problem.

Before Applying Any Magnetic Products:
To use on wounds, cleanse area and treat as you normally would. Cover with clean dressing and place magnetic pad over dressing. Never use during the acute phase. It is important for all bleeding to be stopped before the application of magnetics. Usually3 to 5 days is sufficient.

Do not use on untreated infections.

If poultices or medications such as DMSO or Absorbines have been used, it is very important to refrain from using magnetics for 72 hours. During that time, cleanse the area several times with soap and water.  Failure to follow these instructions could result in blistering.


When using wraps on the legs it is extremely important to use the wraps in pairs, even if the opposite leg is sound. Uninjured legs sustain the most weight because the horse is shifting his weight away from the discomfort.

When wrapping or applying boots to the leg, NEVER PULL THE WRAPS OR THE STRAPS OF THE BOOTS TIGHTLY ACROSS THE BACK OF THE LEG............
To snug up a wrap or boot  use a very gentle tug at the front of the leg (over the cannon bone). Be scrupulous in doing this. Failure to follow these instructions could cause serious damage to tendons.

A horse's sweat is very salty and high in alkalinity.To ensure the health of the skin please follow these instructions:
1. If the horse's leg's sweat while wearing wraps and magnetics, hose the legs with
    clear water once daily and dry thoroughly.
2. The wraps, if using neoprene, should also be rinsed daily to avoid the build up of
    sweat and debris. Air dry wraps and reapply.
3. If the wraps are made of cloth, check for dampness and rinse and dry every other
    day. Having two sets of wraps is helpful.
4. Keeping the horse's skin in good condition is much easier than trying to cure or
    heal a condition that could have been avoided by good hygeine.
5. Do not use paints or linaments or any products containing oil under the wraps.
    They may cause irritation and scalding to the horse and will also damage the neo-
    prene or rubber boots and wraps.  These chemicals may also damage the backing
    that the magnetics are imbedded in.
6. Please remember, even the smallest bit of debris under a wrap can cause injury or
    irritation to a horse's legs or hoof. Making sure horse's legs are clean before
    application helps to avoid problems.

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