Navicular Syndrome:

Navicular Syndrome simply refers to changes deep with in the hoof and involves the navicular bone.† Previously described as a disease, navicular is now thought to be a preventable disorder.† Navicular syndrome is responsible for intermittent front leg
lameness in horses.† The syndrome is thought to be directly caused by over exertion of the foot. Hard stops, abrupt turns at high speed, and percussion on over extended fetlocks, seem to be at the root of navicular syndrome. This pretty well describes what is required of our horses in many disciplines, both Western and English Competition.

The healthy navicular bone has the amazing ability to increase itís density according to the stresses demanded upon it.† But recent research suggest that it is the damage to the surrounding tissue, ligaments and infra-structure of the hoof caused by the stresses of training and Competition that sets the equine athlete up for problems involving the navicular.† The swelling and resultant internal pressure compromises circulation to the area. The fluid trapped fluid and blood results in depleted oxygenation and a myriad of tiny blood vessels die, further decreasing the navicularís ability to regenerate.

The syndrome is not reversible, but may be preventable if we can protect the invaluable blood supply and provide proper support for the lower leg and fetlock joint.† Magnetic pads under shoes or in an easy boot along with wraps on the lower leg† should increase blood flow to this area.† Helping not only the underlying Navicular bone but improving hoof integrity as well.

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