The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is certainly true in the horse world.† There are so many different disciplines that the horses participate in.† From rodeo to racing each sport carries itís own risks.†† For most athletes certain types of injuries occurring in specific areas are considered an occupational hazard, and will almost certainly present itís self at some time.

Regardless of the sport the horse and rider participate in, the need for supple relaxed muscles is imperative to the performance of the horse.† Stress reduction is of paramount importance if the horse and rider team are to give their maximum performance.† If the muskuloskeletal system is kept fully circulated and muscles are kept relaxed and warmed up then the chance for injury is greatly reduced.

Many horses legs are kept wrapped while stabled.† Both as a part of their normal routine and especially† after Competition.† This is the perfect opportunity to use bio-ceramic mini-quilts.† These will keep the lower leg temperature balanced and will aid in reducing and removing lactic acid.† Used in conjuction with magnetic pads this will increase flexibility and stamina while reducing the need for prolonged warm-up exercises.

One member of the team is often overlooked as we worry about our horse we must also take care of the rider.† Neither one can participate in this sport without the other.† The rider must take equal care to warm up his muscles and be in shape to support and not hinder the work he is attempting to do with his partner the horse.† Magnets will be of tremendous help to him both before riding† to relax and warm up the muscles but also after Competition to prevent stiffening .

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