Hi! We're Sassy and Benji, the two cutest Maltese in all the whole wide world! Just ask our mommy and daddy. There are two of us so each parent can have a puppy to love on. We're not picky...whoever wants to pick us up or give us a treat is just fine! But you can bet we always want the same person...the same treat...the same toy, even though there are plenty to choose from. Some people call this sibling rivalry. *smile*

So, when we started piddling on the computer, we really got carried away trying to outdo each other! We specialize in piddling!

In the following links, you will find our masterpieces. Please help yourself, but copy the graphics to your hard drive and upload them to your own web site. And, most of all, please link back to this page when using our graphics so others can also find us. Here's our logo

The link is

My Best Friend
Meet Mr. Bulldog

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