Both my parents grew up on farms. And during my formative years, I too, lived on one of
those same farms. It's funny how after growing up, working through two college degrees,
a career and children, I still return to the "old ways" of doing things. I still sew just
the way Mama taught me. I quilt just the way Mama's mother taught me.
And I still cook the way Daddy's mother taught me to do it.

This may be the 90's....the age of fast food, disposables and instant gratification;
but there is something to be said about the pride and skill that went into those
old wives tales and home remedies. Face it.....they are just a simpler,
less expensive and most times, BETTER way of doing things.

I dedicate this section to my grandparents.
Each of them taught me lessons not only in country living, but in LIFE overall
.....lessons which could never be learned or experienced in a classroom.

Written instructions do not do them justice. But my hope is that somewhere out there,
the following items will touch someone's heart and/or life the way they have graced my own.
And in some way, maybe they will help another individual in a way that can only
shadow the influence they have had on me through the years.

My mother's parents on their 50th Anniversary

Dad's mother

My great-grandmother


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