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This page is about ME.


Yes, this is me at Christmas "2000"

(hate having my picture taken)

My name is Elise aka Lady Slipper

I have lived in Maine all my life. I have 2 great kids Zach and Afton!!

Follow me to the page where you can see them!

These are my kids! Love you guys..Kisses

I also have been married for 20 years to the same guy his name is Dave, on June 28th.we will be together 22 yrs but married only 21 yrs. We lived in sin for 2 years! hehehe!!!

This is Dave and Dave relaxing after eating Christmas dinner with his dog (caught yah)hehe

Besides my husband and my children, there is a cute little Yoda who is my little boy . He is a blue steel Chihuahua!He is my love and he sleeps with me right between Dave and I.

This is my baby, Yoda

These are a few of my interests:


Going to craft fairs@Christmas time!

Sewing on occasion

I love to cook

Walks on the beach !

collecting water pitchers

new and old

I have started to read since last year when I was working in a cigar store. The authors I enjoy is Anita Shrieve (which she has bought a summer house in Biddeford Pool)and Fern Micheals I have read 3 of her books.I have read all that my local libery has got and I 2 paper backs waiting for me to tackle:)Hear is her url if you want to see her works




I have the internet bug, big time and have met lot of nice friends though ICQ #3193796 and e-mail which they got me into making my homepage.

Many thanks to the friends like Kim, Jules for

their patients and understanding that I'm a slow learner at the whole computer thing.

You can go to my friends page and go to their homepages..

Just click on my buddies below go to my special friends page!



By the way, since we are talking about me there is one thing that everyone should know I have MS. that stands for Multiple Sclerosis.

If you click on the words you will go to my MS page and there are updates on myself and medical info site and the MS society has a web site you find more MS for yourself.



Here are some links that you might be interested in....

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Martha Stewart Living



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