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"The way life should be."


This where I live its in beautiful

New England!


"updated Dec. 1998"

My house at Christmas time..


The coast of Maine, waters are very cold all year around

and mean looking! Talking about the coast it is about 10 minutes away,there are towns which you might

know like Kennebunkport,where former President Bush and his family spend their summers. Also

Biddeford Pool which I spend alot of time in the summer at the beach. My husband works in that area as a carpenter for Brady Construction.Inc. He has been

working for Brady for about 10 years but he has be in the carpentery busniess for over 20 yaers. They are on the

internet but there page is being worked on. here are some of my husband's work on his boss's home.

painted floor,view from the door.

a better view of the floor.

He is so proud of this floor!:)


In Saco, Maine the next town over

there is a amusement park called

FuntownUSA and in

Old Orchard Beach,Maine

a more famous amusement park

which has been there for many, many years.

Canadians come down in the summer

stay there.


As for northern Maine there is a town named Port Clyde, Me. My brother-in - law Jake and his family have a house and cottage, which they rent out during the summer months.

This is a view from his front porch

I went to Monhengan Island durng the summer of "97"

Its great place to get away from everything and everyone.

There are great hikes all over there. Also, alot of artist

go over to the island to paint,draw etc. There are about 50 trucks on the island for transportation of luggage and the other way of transportation is your two feet.


Monhegan Island sites:

updates on the Island

info on artists on the Island

Great Maine Artists


Check these site out for crafts ,cooking and local businesses.


Maine office of tourism

Maine Crafts

to see Maine Kitty's



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