Here is where you can find links to the best java and shockwave games on the internet

The games I have found on the net are displayed below. If you don't have a good computer you may not be able to play these games. I just wanted to make them available to everyone else because I think they are just what you need sometimes. Students: Are you having one of those days? I will be searching for multiplayer games so that you can actually play people in other classes or in the same room such as the library. This will also be great for rival teachers. Have fun with it! Schedule tournaments, go one-on-one, do whatever you want.

Cory's World
Space Invaders
Alien Wars
Missile Invasion
Megabot Rescue Game
Absolute Zero
Battle TANK
Warzone 2
Pong (Vs. Computer)
City Defender
Super Tetris
Voodo Football!
Snowboarding Santa!

Multiplayer Games!

Head-to-Head Pong
TankForce (Multiplayer combat simulator)
Multiplayer Connect Four
Burning Metal Racing

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~ Sharpshooting / Shooting Gallery ~
WebInvaders (like Space Invaders) at Onshore Inc. (Shockwave)
Alien Defender at Clevermedia. (Shockwave)
Ninja Game (nerf Cannon) at Sausage.Com. (Shockwave)
Shooting from a Space Ship (Shockwave)
Halloween Carnival Game (Pie Toss) from @dver@ctive Inc. (Shockwave)
Clown Blast (Cannon Shooting Gallery) from Sabroco Interactive (Shockwave)
Big Country Duck Hunt from MCNY. (Shockwave)
Yasume Archery Game at Coca-Cola - Japan (Shockwave)

~ Sports / Bowling ~
Cosmic Bowling at Brunswick Inc. (Shockwave)
ShockBowl from @dver@ctive Inc. (Shockwave)
Strike it Big (Bowling) at Coca-Cola - USA. (Shockwave)
Classic Tennis Challenge at K-Swiss. (Shockwave)

~ Cool! ~
Hot Show, Hot Rods at (Shockwave)
Indy Frenzy! at Sports Illustrated. (Shockwave)

~ Arcade Games ~
Sonic-3D Knuckles and Tails games from SEGA. (Shockwave)
Scamper - A Maze game at Clevermedia. (Shockwave)

~ Casino / Card Games / Games of Chance or Skill?~
Play Yippee, a Yahtzee Game at Game-Land. (Shockwave)
Crack the Combination Local at Game-Land. (Shockwave)
Play the 777 Slot Machine. (Shockwave)
Blackjack Demo at Casino Kit. (Shockwave)
Something Fishy - A Big Fish, Little Fish game at CleverMedia. (Shockwave)

~ TV Game Shows ~
Wheel of Fortune Online from Sony. (CGI)
JEOPARDY! Online from Sony. (CGI)

~ Word Games ~
Story Creation with the AT&T Surprise Story Robot (great for Kids! - like a MAD LIBS puzzle)
Ruby Quest at Ingenious Kidstation (word relationships) (Shockwave)

~ Miscellaneous ~
Make a Face at DiveIn (Shockwave)
Make a Face of someone you know with Shocked Facemaker (Shockwave)

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