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Four week old chicks...June 17th,1998

If these chickens can survive my two year old to adulthood, they will be the toughest chickens on earth. One has lived through an excited squishing, and two of them a dip in a toilet soaking in Comet. Amazingly, they are thriving and very friendly!

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Nine week old chicks...July 19th,1998

This month, the chicks took a field trip to my 6 year old's school...They are used to a lot of handling, and the children were fun to watch as they squeeled with delight when the chick they held rested calmly in their lap.

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Four month old survivors...September '98

Wilma, Pebbles and Betty....Thelma and Louise didn't make it to adulthood....They are Chinese Silkies...very fuzzy and soft...lots of feathers on their feet, legs, and heads. Betty is VERY tame and allows my 7 year old to push her around in a stroller and rock her to sleep (the chicken lies on her back with her feet up in the air!) My daughter also spends hours singing and talking to these crazy birds...who knew a chicken could be such a marvelous pet?!

Silkies lay pretty little soft pink eggs

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