Yo. (Yo.) Welcome to my World Wide Web of Fun. (Bienvenido a mi Telaraña Mundial de Divertido.) Please stay tuned. (Se quede, por favor.) At my fun page you will be able to find all sorts of things and links. (Aqui, poderas descubrir muchas cosas divertidas.) Enjoy! (Disfrute!)

Yaquí at the skillet!
updated 21 June 2001

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This page will feature such great things as:

    A section on EVERY person I know (well maybe not EVERY)

    Don't worry. There will be more. Once I can think of some stuff.

    Some of my favorites on this site are the gallery, tim uno's thoughts,
    tim uno's friends, and the stories. Also, be sure to sign the Pestbook!!!

    $ in the Tim Uno bingo jackpot

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