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God sought the whole world over
In all the gardens on earth,
Then He picked the very best blooms
To represent Elizabeth's birth.

Tulips made her sweet little mouth
The blush of the rose her cheek,
Her eyes are blue forget-me-nots
With lashes long and sleek.

Two stars came down and forgot to leave
For that twinkle in her eyes;
Glittery diamonds form her tears
That fall each time she cries.

Her hair is full of moonbeams
Caught in a golden net,
Trapped with rays of sunshine
And a scent of violet.

The backs of her knees are buttercups
With the texture of a rose.
Curled petals form her fingertips,
Sweet peas made her toes.

Her ears are made from small seashells
And a tiny scrap of lily.
For her nose, God used one bloom
From a Lily of the Valley.

God said "She's absolutely perfect!
Just one thing and it is simple.
I'll take my finger and touch her chin
And make a little dimple."

The creation of this baby
Was no small thing you know.
The last thing that God added
Was Elizabeth's lovely soul.

Karen Garner
                                                                       (C) 1997

Written in honor of my grandaughter, Elizabeth

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