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                  STORMY WEATHER

I like nothing better than to stand and see
Storm clouds coming in low
Purple and blue, lavender and gray
Darkening to a deep indigo.

I like to see lightening split the sky
With big, jagged streaks of light.
And hear the wind raise a mighty voice
As it roars through the deepening night.

I like to see branches whipping wildly about
As wind touches the storm-tossed trees
The air being filled with leaves and twigs
And other little bits of debris.

I like to feel rain as it kisses my face
The touch of the wind in my hair
The taste of the drops as I lick my lips
And taste of the wine of the air.

I know my soul is at one with a storm
It's a hunger that is deep inside
To join together with this mighty force
And to know it is the voice of the Lord.

                                                  (c) 1997 Karen Garner



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