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Join your Class Association.
A personal plea from the authors...

No matter what dinghy you sail, join your class association, they work very hard on your behalf to ensure that if you want to travel and compete you can, many offer discount schemes for members, your class association helps to ensure that your class of dinghy has a good secondhand market value. Your dinghy class association also acts in your classes best interests and act as your representatives to many official bodies in the sport of sailing, including but not limited to : the RYA, the International Sailing Federation, your International class organisation and so on. Perhaps more importantly they are able to lobby local government, national government and the European union; and prevent the introduction of irrelevant legislation that could harm our sport.
And most class association committees are unpaid, travel long distances in order to secure high quality venues for regatta's etc. and put a lot of time and effort in so that you are sailing a recognised dinghy and not just a 14 foot floating piece of wood or plastic. Support these people !

Don't take advantage of other people's subscriptions - be a part of your class association.

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