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High Priest, Friar Nurgle Theunclean

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"The Curse Continues... Once again another Dagorhir Event has come and gone (Ragnarok 14 if you did not know). Having a nice automobile this year, I thought that the journey would be as troublesome as three newbies with single blue swords. But I was wrong! Needless to say I made it to Rag and back, yet the Mighty Land Barge (my special name for my 85 Olds Custom Cruiser) decided it did not need any of her other gears but first when we hit Charlotte, North Carolina. Plans are in the works to retrieve the beast from the evil clutches of the Charlotte based transmissions gremlins and TOW, yes tow, her back to the loving hands of the gentlemen who repaired the transmission just 3 months ago. Warranty, you ask? Oh that conveniently expired THREE days before this exciting event! So if there is anyone who has the ability to remove Curses, I will hopefully be at Equinox. haha!"

Welcome to The Church of Sloth
We of the Unclean order of The Brotherhood of the Chair invite you to join us in our quest to enlighten all to Slothfullness.

What is Sloth?
"Only the cynically jaded and lethargic will succeed in the endeavor to bring about a new level of consciousness. The human psyche can be trained to think about nothing, and in the nothingness one will find oneself. Slothfulness is a state of mind"
Friar Nurgle Theunclean, High Priest

Our Commitment To Sloth
The Brotherhood of the Chair has vowed to bring Sloth to everyone. By action and words, we shall bear witness to the unslothfull's conversion into the World of Sloth. With our chairs always withing reach, The Brothers and I, Friar Nurgle, are available for Sacrifices, Feasts, Inquisitions, and Jihads.

Quote of the Month
"Why Me?!?!? What did I ever do to deserve this? An overactive imagination without the ability to completely alter my reality. Granted yes, There are some things that the universal physical laws will allow you to change. But all the fun stuff happens in zero G. And the likelihood of anyone letting me near a spacecraft again, let alone a Governmentally funded airbase. Oh...and don't get me started on Genetics or Cybernetic implants. So it looks like this is as good as it gets, or atleast until I decide to change my reality again."

Slothfull Beings have been sitting in their chairs since 04/15/1999 :)

Have some fun. The first 100 gold is on us.
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