FOUR YEARS LATER!! (Also three months.)

Hi, if you check this site and missed the news, Geocities is closing on October 26th. This site will be deleted at that time, so enjoy it while and if you can.

Now back to your regularly unupdated website:

- This is my kingdom. You can look around, but don't touch anything. I bet you're filthy!

June 5.... 2005

- Ahem... nothing to see here

June 14

- Sephiroth Vs Stiener: battle of the cheap attacks

June 1

- A climactic fight or a picnic lunch? You must decide that for yourself

May 25

- Yuna Vs Celes ... yup

May 22

- I guess this is what happens when there aren't enough updates

May 15

- It's been a while. Here's Locke Vs Rachel... or RachiX

May 9

- And now, a race!

May 8

- This is my story

- Hey, get out of here!

May 6

- Old men with mustaches duking it out. That's what this site is all about

- You're a poet and you don't know it!

May 4

- "Extreme Robot Combat" Or: The most boring fight ever to date

May 2

- Bahamut Vs TG Cid, the fight of the century. Or maybe just the day

May 1

- And now the sequel, Mog against Frog!

April 30

- Imp Against Moogle: Who will survive?

April 29

- A dramatic reinactment, Zeromus Vs Cecil

April 28

- Today: a fatal three-way with moxie

April 27

- The moment you've (probably not) been waiting for: Celes Vs Rachel

April 26

- Here's a battle between two dweebs who would rather talk about their love lives than pummel each other. Sheesh!

April 25

- It's Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! With your two fight special!

April 24

- It's the battle of the mute guys and their girlfriends

April 23

- Here's an "inter-genter" tag team match... almost

April 22

- Today we check out Goug City's Inventors Showcase

April 21

- Get ready kids, it's time for another classic adventure with Bardman and Paintet

April 20

- And two more. First it's battle of the wannabe final bosses, then there's a non-angsty almost-lovers quarrel

April 18

- Two more fights today: Espers against Final Bosses and Espers against each other

April 17

- The battle of useless espers and something to do with a Leprachaun have been judged

April 15

- Old people fighting yetis. Now that's entertainment!

April 14

- Here's Ramza, Mustadio and Agrias fighting Ozzie, Slash and Flea

April 13

- Now that Nimufu's finally done her silly pageant it's time to get back to the fighting

April 10, 2004

- I did it. I really, really did it! The beauty pageant is finished!

April 6, 2004

- Another update by your's truely. And nearly within two weeks of the last one! I'm really great at this!

March 21, 2004

- By the Moon Goddess, an update?!

- Keep it up and you might get the pageant done just before the next one's supposed to start

- Teehee... haha... aw, nuts

November 3

- Just like I promised, it's an update! Hurray!

October 31

- Whee! Happy Halloween everybody! Since I'm a witch, this is a very special time of the year for me. I've been organizing a special get-together with my coven for... uhm, about two months now. It cut into the all important pageant time, but I've got certain priorities as a witch! I'm sure you all understand. After tonight's party at the Wild Cat I swear I'll get back to the pageant. And I'd better not get sick again this year...! *grumble*

August 25 September 8

- Gee... I sure hope everyone was too busy with school and stuff restarting to notice that the next part of the pageant is over two weeks late

August 19

- Drama~!

August 14

- Here is part two of the pageant. Go me!

August 10

- It may not be easy, but the pageant must go on

August 6

- Wow, time sure flies when you're supposed to be running a beauty pageant. But don't worry, it's all smooth sailing from here

July 25

- We wrapped up the last of the auditions today, now I can get this show on the road

July 22

- Hello, Nimufu here again. Today I started auditions for the pageant. What fun!

July 20

- Hi everyone, it's me: Nimufu!
Now watch as we get ready for The Fourth Annual Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy Beauty Pageant!

July 18

- Here's some 'old school' fun: The Light Warriors from Final Fantasy I fight to the death!

July 14

- Hello general populace. Please enjoy the fight of Cloud Vs Tifa... or it's to the snake pit with you!

July 13

- The Chancellor's feeling lazy, so I'm here to tell you about his latest update... And that's all I have to say about that

July 8

- Another day, another fight

- It's been two days since the last one

- Quiet, you

July 6

- Happy happy fights, no angst here. Move along!

July 2

- Suddenly, from out of no where, with no cause: Angst strikes

July 1

- Come one, come all! It's my Really Quick Fights Extravaganza! ... and there was something about Edgar Vs Shadow too

June 27

- This is the last request from May. I don't know what Ragnarok III was always worrying about, it's easy to stay up to date!

- Uh, what about all the requests from June?

- ... oh yeah

June 24

- Alright already, can't get enough of my brilliant judging? Here's another great job done by me.

June 17

- Hmmph, I thought Frog and Cyan were friends!

June 15

- Ayla Vs Edward, the battle of the losers. Exciting, isn't it?

June 13

- Behold, my statistical analysis!

June 12

- There! I judged an entire fight by myself. Sort of.

June 11

- Oops! Sorta deleted the index page there... But hey, this one's neater

Oh yeah, I made the Battle Arena spiffy too