To Save the Planet

There is a planet to be saved. The influence of our human population and our technology has so interfered with the natural balance of life that has existed on the planet for millions of years, that we have produced an almost irreversible mess. We didn't mean to ruin our environment; we have just acted with unconsciousness of various aspects of our planetary home and we have been only too conscious of our own desires. We have acted as if what each of us wants is our right to have, whether we want money or power or land or sex or whatever, without consideration of other life here.

There is a very potent way to help the planet. We are the area of the planet that is conscious. We are the part of life here which is most capable of loving. And love is the most powerful force there is. From love comes intelligence and light. Love is our core, and as we become more loving and choose to love our world and ourselves, we can literally change the world. Such a choice expands us infinitely, as well as being the only way to save the Earth.

That sounds extravagant, especially since it is in the simple, everyday things that we learn to love. Do we hate or despise anyone? Do we have strong opinions about others? Do we over criticize? Do we judge other people's ways? Do we act unfairly or dishonestly? If so, we are not loving, and in our lack of love we are adding to the unbalance of the planet. It is in the little things that we are tested. It is in the ordinary things that we learn to be of value to the whole. Do we love ourselves? Until we do, we are not fully helping the planet.

Our greed and our belief in the value and reality of the material world, and our choice to belittle or ignore the values of the Spirit have brought us to our present precariousness. We have learned great control of the material world and when we offer that knowledge in service to the love that is within us, we can indeed save the planet. One person fully loving can influence every other person to a dramatic degree. We are the movers and the shakers of our worlds. We are the ones that have choice. It is up to us. We have many gifts, but the greatest of these is love. We can choose love.

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