Events '97!

4:20 On 4/20

Boulder, Colorado will be the spot for what I'll call the 4:20 On 4/20 event. It should prove to be a most promisable day! I'm not too sure what they've got planned....might have some better info sooner. It's at 4:20pm on April 20th, 1997...If there isn't more info later, just look for someone on "The Hill" who'll tell ya where to go....stay posted!

Ann Arbur Hash Bash '97!

This annual event takes place in Ann Arbur, Michigan...It is on April Fools Day (Saturday, April 5th) At the Diag at the University of Michigan at 12pm noon. There will be a Street Fair afterwards in front of Dominick's Restaurant at 812 Monroe St.

There will be more events happening as the new year draws closer, stay posted!

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