Did YOU Know???

IDEA #1: Well, if you've watched the "Boob Tube" lately, you'd have heard something about this new "treasure" called WebTV. It's just another new invention that won't mean anything to all of us because we have computers to access the Internet, right? WRONG! Remember High School, when our anal English teachers made us read all of the stupid literature books? I didn't burn out those brain cells thankfully. If I would have, I wouldn't recall a certain book that has given me many thoughts about our beautiful system. The book is a book by George Orwell.....1984. Remember it? Hope so. There was something in that book called Big Brother. Yeah, we've all heard of him even if we haven't read the book. You know, "Big Brother is watching you!" Well, let me refresh your memory. Remember how Big Brother kept an eye on the little guy in that novel? Their television screens always kept an image of Big Brother on the screen and supposedly he could see your every move. I see this WebTV as the first step (maybe the second or third) towards this fate. Now we will have to pay for the little black box to be able to get WebTV in our homes, but what about next year, or the year after that. Will they make it standard on every TV set like they have done for the V-chip. Thus linking everyone world-wide to the Internet and any Internet Police Task Force out there that we might or might not know about. What added features might be on there that we don't know about? A hidden camera behind what looks like that little square box that the infra-red remote control sends it's beam? Sure, they might get lucky and everyone will just buy the infernal contraption and it will make it so they don't have to make it a standard on TV sets and it will look like it's what the people want. All of these conveniences we get on the Internet such as buying consumer items, purchasing plane tickets, going grocery shopping, buying a car, every daily routine will soon be automated through the Internet or WebTV so you don't have to leave your home. In almost every area of the country you can have groceries delivered to your door. Soon we won't have to leave our houses for anything...."It's getting dangerous out there"....."Stay in your homes where it's safe"....."We'll protect you and look after your children".......Do you see where I'm going with this? If not you're blind! Wait about 10 years until you are weak or until you depend on the system daily. You'll get my meaning....hopefully, it won't be too late. As little as 15-20 years ago, the parents almost always (if they are good, concerned parents) kept a close eye on their children's schooling and taught their children lots of the basics and ethics that our government and teachers now school them on. How many of you REALLY know what they're teaching your children at these public and especially private schools? I was in Southern Illinois this fall with a family and they alerted me to the fact that their children were being taught at school that the WHITE MAN hunted the American Buffalo only for what he needed and used every part and that the AMERICAN NATIVES (not Indians, remind you they aren't from India) killed the buffalo for skins and meat, wasting many useful parts of the buffalo. WHAT? That's not what I learned in school when I was 8! This was in a SCHOOL BOOK, not from the mouthes of babes! Sorry, for I don't remember the name of the book or version number...You'll just have to take my word for it. Ok, I've almost strayed too far from my original point, so I'll end this idea, but remember what I've said about WebTV. I think that this new invention to link up the world in front of their TV where they are more comfortable and succeptible to brainwashing is the biggest step towards 1984 becoming reality. And please, check into what propaganda your children are learning off of our system. If you don't trust them then home school them, there are lots of info sites for home schooling.

IDEA #2: In case you don't know about the DARE program, they are teaching OUR children (and I do mean OUR, for they will determine OUR future when we are old) in some areas of the country to turn in anyone whom they know are using drugs. There have been alot of children turn in their parents for drug use of all sorts. The child doesn't know what they are essentially doing by complying with their teachers and law enforcement who confront them at school. It tears the child apart when their mommy and/or daddy goes to jail. All the child knows is that they are doing what they are taught to do...what they are taught is the RIGHT thing to do. They also teach our children that drug users are BAD PEOPLE...murderers, thieves, etc. They should teach our children about each individual drug...telling them what they do to you and why someone would use them, and that it's not that their mommy or daddy are bad but that they might need help. Please, if the system won't teach your children correctly, it's up to the parent where subjects like this should be addressed anyways. The parent should be trained when they take all those classes for during the pregnancy or given a pamphlet on how to talk to your children about drugs.

IDEA #3: On the DARE note, this is my view which I hold EVEN MORE STRONGLY than any other idea discussed in this page. It's about the controversial Marijuana subject. Anyone who has not been totally brainwashed by the system and has had firsthand experience with smoking marijuana should be able to agree that smoking marijuana isn't as bad as the government makes it out to be. In my view one of the main reasons why the teen-age drug use (that is hard drugs, not marijuana) has increased so dramatically over the past 10 years is BECAUSE of the DARE program. To believe the following, you would have to agree that marijuana isn't as bad as they make it out to be in the DARE program and in society. Ok, here it is! Marijuana use is going to continually rise because the teenagers are going to see almost everyone around them sparking one up. The increase in use is what will make them wonder why everyone is doing it if it is sooooo bad for them and that is why they will give in to peer pressure and try it. The DARE program doesn't have any REASONS backing up why they say that marijuana use leads to harder, more addictive drugs. I believe it is BECAUSE the DARE program teaches our children that marijuana is so bad for them and it can't do anything constructive to them. The children try it due to increased peer pressure and increased curiosity and find out that the system (not only the DARE program, but TV propaganda in general) has misled them...if not that they believe that it is the total opposite of what they have been led to believe. Thus, why should they not believe that if they were lied to about ONE drug which they have firsthand proof that the DARE program is totally misleading about it....why shouldn't ALL of the drugs floating around our city streets be completely different from what they have been lead to believe? Thus, they try the more addictive and mind-altering drugs and they get hooked on them because they are addictive. Pot is NOT addicitive, it is NOT proven harmful (nor do I and millions of other Americans believe it is harmful) in ANY way, shape or form.....EXCEPT that we all know that smoke of any type isn't good for your lungs. But, smoking is our right to decide. Again, I will end this idea so as to not take away from the original idea contained herein.

IDEA #4: This is a short idea. I will not even take credit for it. I saw a young man on the recent NBC NEWS segment on Increased Marijuana Use In The 90's say something that I wanted to make sure was brought across to anyone who might not have heard it before or who have let it slip their minds. If there has been such an increase in marijuana use in the last 10-15 years and MILLIONS, yes MILLIONS, or people are now smoking marijuana.......WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT WAGING A WAR AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE, WHEN THIS IS CLEARLY WHAT A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF THE COUNTRY WANTS? I mean, the people running for President or just for Congress should look at those people and say, "Hey, these are POTENTIAL voters! What am I doing? They aren't REALLY hurting anyone....maybe just their own health!" I'm pretty certain that if the government put a stipulation on legalizing pot like, "If you guys abuse the freedom we have just given BACK TO YOU, then we will take if BACK FROM YOU!" I personally think that everyone I know and most of the pot smokers would just take this new freedom and keep it out of the public eye the way we do now. I mean, not too many people go in front of the general non-pot smoking crowd and light up! I think we could continue doing this in private for the new legal freedom we have to possess, grow, and smoke our pot freely!

IDEA #5: I personally don't know what we should do about our drug problem. The CIA is illegally bringing CRACK, HEROINE, and METHAMPHETAMINES into this country and making this country more dependant on them unknowingly for their drug habits. I DO KNOW that Holland has legalized soft drugs like marijuana and hash, etc. and they have had a very successful lowering of hard drug users in their country. One thing I do know is that since the beginning of President Reagan's Drug War, thousands of GOOD people have went to prison for stupid things like possession of marijuana and cultivation....some of them for the rest of their lives. What if the person who might have saved the world from hunger, disease, homelessness, etc. has been incarcerated for the rest of his life....or even a short time and it has hardened them and left them unproductive! I also know that if we were to legalize marijuana and the other SOFT drugs, we would cut down on the income of these people who are importing the HARD drugs.....if everyone could grow their own pot, make their own hash, etc. then they wouldn't be making money for importing them....which would give them less money with which to import their DISEASED HARD DRUGS into our country! Just a thought I had to get out! BUT! If the government were to legalize pot, but not let anyone grow if for themselves....It would defeat the whole purpose of lessening the hard drug importers cash flow....the hard drug pushers would then offer their marijuana at a lower price than the government is willing to sell it to us for. You see, we can't have a partial legalization here....not if were gonna hurt the pocketbook of the hard drug importers with this method!

I will have more ideas as soon as I can remember them....these few ideas were just one big spurt! Just check back to this page for an update. If you have any ideas that you would like to share with me about ANY problem with our society, or a future problem that you see is taking shape....PLEASE E-Mail me....let's get the word out! I will definitely print it here and give you credit for it!

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