My Trip To The 1996 Gathering Of The Tribes

I left Illinois with a bro of mine without a rainbow guide or knowing exactly where this year's national was supposed to be at. All we knew was it was in Missouri or Arkansas. After driving for about three days and 1,200 miles, we found a couple of bro's camping on the side of the road just south of Mountain Home, Arkansas. The four of us found a holding camp pretty close to there and we chilled out there for about three to five days. We then left the holding camp on about June 10th or so and arrived that day at the seed camp site. It was VERY beautiful if you ask me. The 15 or so people at our holding camp were one of the first ones on site, and we almost immediately got started hiking in. I was supprised to see two Forest Ranger trucks and a news van already there before we got there on the first day. I camped just between Coffee Coffee and Granola Funk in my tent. Our camp, which after two days turned into Coffee Coffee, was the first one permanently established there. Within a couple of days the spring was tapped, and I will say that water coming from that spring was colder and tasted better than any water I have ever drank and it refreshed you totally if you were thirsty. At first it was kind of scarce getting food and supplies in, and if you didn't show up at a kitchen at the right times, you didn't get fed that day! Oh well, so it is at seed camp.... It turned into a great gathering if you ask me...some people say this years gathering wasn't very good, but if you ask me, it had it's good days and it's bad days. When it was good, it was very good. When it was bad...well, you get my point. I could go on and on about the things that happened, but I won't. If you have any questions about this years gathering you can E-Mail me from the other page. By the way, at the Shawnee Gathering this year the Department Of Agriculture told us they would supply some lime for us to use and even some canned food maybe. Try to get these from them in the area the gathering you are at is if it is short on lime or fire ash for the latrines. Well, gotta run! Peace, Love, and take care of our Mother!

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