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The Green Group is a society of Stirling University students who campaign on local environmental issues, especially those relevant to the day-to-day running of the University, and attempt to educate the Universityís students and staff on environmental issues; both global and those closer to home.

Our successes over the past year include preventing the felling of many of the mature oak trees to the rear of the Cottrell building, increased awareness of recycling issues through our annual "Recycling Week", the installation of paper recycling facilities in the library, aluminium can recycling, partial clean-up of the loch (which is an ongoing project), and a co-operative effort with the Stirling Conservation Volunteers to manage Hermitage Wood - the woodlands to the rear of the Halls of Residence.

We organise several social and educational events each semester, including visits to nature reserves, video nights, pub crawls, discos, barbecues, and GSN gatherings (Green Student Network events - a national get together of green groups in the UK).

We have a stall on the link bridge between the MacRoberts Arts Centre and the Cottrell building on Tuesdays and Thursdays. From this we halt passing students and staff when we need petitions to be signed, or distribute informative leaflets, and encourage students to become members, or to lend a hand.

Information regarding the planned events for this semester will soon be posted on the Environmental Notice Board (ENB) outside the Bank of Scotland. This is where we post any relevant notices. The events list will also be posted on the Internetís world wide web on the GG homepage :-

New members are always welcome and any offers of help always appreciated!

Ross Marnie, Vice President Stirling University Green Group

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