Rain Forest

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There are more people on Earth today than at any other time in history. They need both food and the land on which to grow it. Rain forest is being destroyed as people clear the land to make room for housing and farming. Almost all the remaining rain forest is found in Third World countries. These poor nations see the forest as a valuable resource to be sold for profit.

The Rain forest is vital to manís survival. The plants are used both for food and medicine. One in ten of the most commonly used medicines are derived from the plants of the rainforest. More importantly, the earths atmosphere is sustained by the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange that takes place when plants convert sunlight into energy. The rain forest, with its many plants, plays a huge role. As the rain forest is burned, millions of tones of carbon dioxide are released into the air. The upsets the balance of atmospheric gases. The rain forest also helps to regulate rainfall and wind currents by absorbing much of the harmful solar energy. Its destruction will affect weather patterns throughout the world. The continued destruction of the rain forest will not only kill plants and animals, but will adversely affect the earthís atmosphere. If they are destroyed, the earth will likely experience global warming. An estimated 71 million acres of rain forest are being destroyed each year. At this rate, there will be no forest remaining by the year 2035.

Some rain forest exploration is necessary to provide farming and ranching land for local populations. But there are things we can do to see that it is done responsibly. Such as supporting conservation groups in their fight to preserve the rain forest and not using tropical hardwoods.

rainforest picture

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