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Butterfly Information
Butterfly Species List

There are many species of butterflies throughout the world. I will attempt to cover as many of them as I can within the limits of my knowledge (and my time.) I do hope that this list proves to be of some help to all those who have an interest in butterflies.

But first, some information on the scientific names which are used to distinguish one species from the next.

Family Name

Hesperiidae Papilionidae Pieridae Lycaenidae Nemeobiidae Libytheidae Heliconiidae Acraeidae Nymphalidae Amathusiidae Morphidae Brassolidae Satyridae Ithomiidae Danaidae Main Page

This list is provided for easy navigation of the various families of butterflies. If you would prefer to locate a butterfly by common name, then please visit my other species list.
This common name list is incomplete, containing only links to species which I have pictures linked to.

Last Updated : Dec. 11, 1998