Earth Threatening News

I'm not an extremist, but I have a strong passion for nature and kids. When something can inflict serious harm, be it immediate or over time, I tend to stand up and speak out. It's been brought to my attention that most of the nature pages on the web, to include mine, are generally hypothetical theory.

I've decided to activate a newspaper of sort named
'Earth Threatening News'.

The pages linked on this one are dealing with what's happening right now in our world. If you know of a true story and can give me 90% of the facts, links back to the original story site, and updates, please let me know. I will gladly post them with their links and updates as you give them to me.

Perhaps these stories will help to prove some of the many hypothetical theories that are inevitably closing in on us as reality.

Please choose a topic and read on . . .

Jabiluka - The Uranium Mine No One Wants

Pine Brush - A National Estate in Trouble

Important Bits - situations & opinions

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